Basic fee

$170 for a one-hour session (Medicare rebates you $86.15 if you have a Mental Health Plan from your GP, Psychiatrist, or Paediatrician)

$100 for 30 mins (Medicare rebate is $61.05 with a Mental Health Plan)

$200 for home visits or other locations 20 mins from Gordon (Medicare rebate is $108.25 with a Mental Health Plan)

Bulk billing is available for those with a Healthcare card and Mental Health Plan; price reduction available for those on a low-income (e.g. under $30K for individuals); I need evidence of low income status. Bulk billing times are only available before 5pm, unless I know a later time slot will be free.

Mental Health Plan

The Better Access Initiative is where a GP writes a mental health plan for a patient which allows that person to claim a rebate from a Medicare registered Psychologist or other allied health professional. Referrals can also be made by a Psychiatrist or Paediatrician. If you are referred and do not have a diagnosable mental disorder, I cannot give you a rebate.

Each person can receive rebates on up to 10 individual sessions per calendar year (January to December), and 10 group sessions per calendar year. Usually, your GP will write a referral for 6 sessions, and after your 6th session you return to your GP for a review to obtain the next 4 sessions.

Important: in order to make a Medicare claim, the appointments must focus on an initial assessment and treatment in particular for a diagnosed mental disorder (ICD-10 classification). We cannot do cognitive (IQ) assessments or the like during those sessions. Seperate appointments need to be made for assessments that would normally be undertaken in the course of treatment, and not covered by Medicare.

Chronic disease management initiative

You need a GP referral which allows for a 30 minute session to focus on chronic disease management (not mental health conditions).

These sessions are bulk billed.

$50 cancellation fee if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice. This also applies for clients who do not attend. Cancellation fees apply to clients who are being bulk billed.

Cancelling an appointment more than 24 hours before allows me to reschedule other clients.

Cancellation fee