Online booking

You don’t have to book online, but you do have the option to do so. Some people might prefer to talk to me on the phone first, which is fine. This is a new option I’m trialling as of May 2019.

How it works:

  • click on the link below, then click on ‘book appointment’ button at the top of the next page

  • select an appointment time

    • you may need to click on ‘more’, to see later times (availability is from 1pm to 9pm)

    • if times are missing, they are already taken

  • enter your contact details (all information is kept securely online)

  • I get a notification that you made an online booking. Then I confirm the time and you will receive an automated notification.

What else to know:

  • online bookings have a 24 hour lead time, so you can’t book 24 hours before Thursday appointment times. This gives me adequate time to prepare and follow-up with online bookings

  • if you would like an appointment at short notice, call me (best option) or send an email

  • If there is an issue with the time, for some unforeseen reason, I may need to change the time you originally selected - e.g. you booked while I was in session with someone and that time was already taken. I expect